About us

Design Service and Trade Enterprise DPS-TEL.com is a specialist company, that has been present on the market since 2003 in the field of electrical power engineering, telecommunication, transmission systems, cable television and security systems, CCTV, access and fire control

Apart from the services of technical advisory and design, the offer of DPS-TEL.com includes also includes services connected with the leading and supervision of investment process in the area of providing devices essential for the accomplishment of tasks, execution and implementation as well as maintenance of the above-mentioned systems.

Having in mind specialist and professional assistance for every client, DPS-TEL.com cooperates with  skilled technical and engineering staff as well as reputable producers and suppliers of devices in the field of electrical power engineering as well as telecommunications and ICT networks, cable television and security systems.

Depending on the needs, we hire staff with the building licence and suitable contractors to carry out the undertaken projects.

The character of the services in the electrical power engineering, telecommunications and cable television branch makes the majority of services to be delivered on turnkey basis, meetinging the needs of  individual clients. Therefore, the services offer of our company can be divided into five elements based on the system lifecycle, matched to individual needs of the our clients:

  • Consultancy services
  • Project services
  • Implementation services
  • Monitoring, management and maintenance services
  • Servicing and repair, guarantee and post-guarantee services


From the begining of our business activity we consequently adapt to the expectations of our clients, completing the work in a solid and, most of all, timely manner.

The potential, knowledge and skills of DPS-TEL.com company alows us: to fully adapt the possibilities and parameters of a given solution to meet the individual needs of the client;

  • to lower the costs of constructions of the system thanks to consultancy in the area of optimal choice of system elements;
  • to improve the qualifications within the system operations by the client thanks to specialistit trainings; to save time thanks to outsourcing of complex problems to specialists;
  • to obtain a guarantee of correctness and continuity of system functioning thanks to transfering the responsibility to a specialist external company;
  • to ease the service and facilitate the functioning of the whole integrated system.

Within the framework of the project titled: „Increasing the standard of the offered services and extension of the current offer as the key to the strengthening of the competitiveness of DPS-TEL.com on the market”, a specialistic measuring equipment has been bought to control the parameters and quality of the provided services.