Below you can find certificates that confirm our experience as well as opinions of our satisfied clients who we had pleasure to work with.


The DPS-TEL.com company conducted complex works in the field of assembly, electrical installation and activation of UPS power supply units in facilities of the leading telecommunications operator in Poland from May 2007 to July 2008, at the request of Eaton Power Quality Spółka Akcyjna, Branch in Poland with its registered office in Warsaw.

Director of EATON Power Quality S.A

One should notice that all activities were conducted without interrupting the functioning of the data transmission network node. P.P.U.H. DPS-TEL.com has at its disposal highly qualified employees with relevant experience and required qualifications.

Marcin Wieloch
In Place

[…] all works, including additional services, were performed on time, in a professional and reliable way, in compliance with technical standards and construction law regulations, and with high quality. We recommend PPUH DPS-TEL.com Grzegorz Dewalski company as a solid and professional contractor for this kind of works.

Ireneusz Tryfon
Vice-President of EnergoCOM Sp. z o.o.

We would like to recommend the company DPS-TEL.com which offers complex performance of energy supply and investment works based on the latest technologies and materials from domestic and foreign producers to those who value professional service.

DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A.

The works were conducted in a solid and professional way, in compliance with the binding norms, occupational health and safety rules, and fire safety standards, and in a timely manner. Thanks to the above-mentioned qualities, the company has gained the opinion of a reliable partner providing services at a very high level, thus meeting the expectations of every client.

Scanmark Technik

Energocom Sp. z o.o. certifies that the company PPHU DPS-TEL.com Grzegorz Dewalski, acting as our contractor, prepared project documentation for a server room and performed construction works in the adapted rooms of the building of DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A. at 337 Wolności Street in Zabrze.

Ireneusz Tryfon
Vice-President of EnergoCOM Sp. z o.o..

During the performance of the contract, the DPS-TEL.com company demonstrated excellent work organization as well as professional and on-time performance. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the company and we can recommend it as a good contractor.

Vice-Director for Production of PPPW Telefon2000 Sp. z o.o.

We provide access to paper versions of references at the headquarters of our company.