Electrical Power Engineering Services

Electrical Power Engineering

We specialize in comprehensive performance of electric  installations for the telecommunications facilities, server rooms and Data Center.
We also provide electric installations in residential, public utility, health care and industrial buildings.
Our investments are based on our own project documentation or documentation delivered by the investor.

Electric projects

Thanks to our staff we are able to carry out projects in the field of electric installations and networks.

We offer:

  • Preparation of construction and execution projects,
  • Costing of electrical power engineering works,

Assembly of switchgears and control panels

The prefabrication department deals with the production of cabinets, control panels and switchgears according to own projects and according to clients’ special needs.

The control cabinets, control panels and switching stations are produced in accordance the highest quality standards, in accordance with binding standards. We work with materials of leading producers, which translates into reliability and high quality. The products manufactured by our company are assembled and checked by qualified employees.

We carry out the complex orders to provide the following:

  • electrical projects and schemes,
  • prefabrication of electric power control cabinet,
  • prefabrication of control panels,
  • prefabrication of low voltage switchgears,
  • prefabrication of constant voltage switchgears,
  • labelling for control cabinets,
  • assembly and installation of electric cabinets, panels and switchears in buildings,
  • performance of functionality tests,
  • performance of assembly and acceptance tests,
  • modifications and modernizations of existing control panels,
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service of cabinets and switchgears.

Electric measurements and analysis of power supply network parameters

Our company makes the final, seasonal and diagnostics measurement of electric installations.
We dispose of the measuring tools, thanks to which we can make the complex servicing of the electric installation and locate any damage to a given device or cable line.
We take the thermal imaging photos of the wiring systems, electric switchgears, panels and receiving devices.

We have tools which allow for registration and analysis of parameters of the power supply network by testing the network for 1 -2 weeks finalized by a report containing specific conclusions as well as solutions for the ensuing problem.

The analysis of network parameters is carried out in order to:

  • choose the battery for reacive power compensation,
  • detect the irregularities in the work of instalations such as: voltage decays, excessive voltage lowering, frequent failures of electrical devices,
  • analyse the quality of the power supplied,
  • investigate the sources and results of the higher harmonic in the electric power and voltage.

Secure power supplies systems

We provide installations of secure power supply systems based on:

  • Energy conversion devices:
    • UPS Power packs
    • rectifiers
    • inverters
    • telecomunications power systems
    • inwerter power systems
  • Devices generating/storing power:
    • Electric power generator
    • Battery
  • Devices for power distribution:
    • Automatic backup supply systems
    • Switchgears
    • Bypass systems (electronic, mechanical)